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WAHBIZ is about

working at home (wah) on your own home business (biz); whether you want to start one or improve your existing wahbiz.

Read success stories of the well-known “wahbiz” owners here. The purpose of this blog is to equip you when you want to:

  • fire your boss and being your own boss
  • avoid commuting
  • earn extra part-time income
  • be an entrepreneur
  • stop making your employers rich
  • stop being told what to do daily
  • have the freedom to work at any time
  • have the finance to travel anywhere, anytime
  • …enjoy many other BENEFITS and more…
  • start your own wahbiz with NO COST or very LOW investment!

We have been conditioned to:

STUDY, WORK, LEAD A LIFE, MORE STUDY, MORE WORK, MORE LIFE AND MORE, MORE… until early retirement becomes too remote a reality for us. Isn’t it time to look at the alternative and start our own business?

It is time to look at the alternatives; especially on the idea of starting your own wahbiz. The purpose of this site is to allow you to view life with a different perspective and to provide resources to get started in your wahbiz. We encourage you to look into starting your wahbiz part-time and gradually build your wahbiz empire.


As pretty as these fish appear in the above aquarium, they are kept within the boundaries of a fish tank. That is what happened to us as employees. We’re tired of being kept within the “corporate walls” for many years. Despite the benefits of the corporate worlds, we started our own wahbiz 20+ years ago. We are happy that we started our own wahbiz and never looked back!

This wahbiz website is to help you break out of the tank and be a FREE fish in the ocean!

Wahbiz had allowed us to travel to many countries, well over 30+ countries in 4 continents.


We had lived from New Zealand through several countries in Asia, Europe, and Nouth America. We currently live in Canada.

Our wahbiz formula, depicted below is simple, my-omg:


M – Mindset – This “M” is from ground “0”. We need to have a right mindset before we start on our wahbiz. The right mindset is the foundation for our success. When we talked to hundreds of wahbiz prospects, there was seldom a shortage of ideas, neither do they usually worry about the finances, as they often learn to budget. The common excuse usually is time and money. The most common problem is the intangible, the incorrect mindset. Generally, knowledge, skills, time, and finance can be acquired fairly efficiently.

Always start with a mindset, ie a determination. More importantly, start with the right mindset that you “CAN” and want to “SUCCEED”. While a right mindset will carry you through the process, it is taking actions on that determination that is the start of success.

The key is “never give up”.

Once you decide on a wahbiz and be ready to take action, the rest of the wahbiz process is as simple as steps 1, 2, 3. Let’s start.

Step 1
Offer – Decide on your offer regardless whether it is a service or a product or a modified concept. Research to ensure there is a demand for your offer. No matter how great your offer is, if there is no demand then it becomes a futile exercise.

Step 2
M – Market
– Marketing is where many wahbiz owners fail. The statistics said about 95-97% of the wahbiz owners fail not because they had no time or no finance but they don’t know how to promote their offers.

Step 3
G – Growth
– The inability to keep the momentum going sometimes failed a wahbiz. This step is to consider the long-term growth right from the beginning. Often it is not just a matter of “RINSE AND REPEAT”, but also a long-term growth plan and process. You plan whether to grow into a business empire, a franchise network or to have a global presence or however big you wish to plan for. There are many who just want to sell out because their family does not want to continue in the same industry.

This MOMG formula has worked well for our clients and us as wahbiz owners.

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