What do you do for FUN?

Ask 1000 different individuals what they do for FUN during their free time. You will get 100, 1000 and probably plenty more different answers. The answers would vary hugely according to age, sex, culture, and a whole host of factors. Wahbiz owners appreciate the fact that life is not just learning, working, doing or not doing anything… but to have FUN at various activities. We now focus on having FUN!

Spongebob defined FUN as:

F – Friends who do stuff together

U – You and me

N – Anywhere and anytime at all.

Listen to SpongeBob’s song below.

Wahbiz FUN life is broadly divided into whether we are on or off the internet. Sometimes it is not a matter of activities or places or the venue or at some places where we had been there was practically no internet nor any phone network at all, or whether we are at our wahbiz headquarter in Canada or travelling, meeting or not meeting clients, work or not working… the bottom line is FUN means an enjoyable time with our family!

While on the internet…

We can have Fun with Google. 

Do you know you can customize the GOOGLE search site to any name? (using the search technology of Google, though without any direct association with the brand). Try it by clicking on the “Set another name” below the WAHBIZ search (powered by Google) to another name of your choice.



We also like to read stories on:


and for off the internet activities:


or no activities, just relax at our wahbiz office-home-playground-park-???


What is your definition of FUN?

For now, enjoy Cyndi Lauper’s song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”!