WAHBIZ is an acronym:

  • W – Work
  • A – At
  • H – Home
  • BIZ – Business

Many people would like to start a home business. They do not want to be stuck in a rut nor do they want to be controlled by their bosses!

We are NOT referring to work at home JOBS. What we mean is a work at home business, a Wahbiz, an acronym coined by the authors of this website.

Our Wahbiz formula is simple and it is applicable to both online and offline Wahbiz. Like constructing any building, first lay a solid foundation by having the right business mindset. After you lay the groundwork, you are ready to build your Wahbiz by using our OMG formula.

O – Offer

M – Marketing

G – Growth

The offer could a product, a service, a club or a membership that you offer your clients. No idea what offer to provide, visit this offer page:

OFFER IDEAS link here