For most of us, our home is our BIGGEST investment and most likely the most important real estate we own. Being a wahbiz owner, we eliminate long commute, set our own work hours, arrange work/life on our own terms, and a lot more benefits which we are exploring in our blog posts.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages of being a wahbiz owner or being an employee. In our case, the benefits of owning a “wahbiz” far outweighed being a corporate employee. We are very glad that we decided to go on the “wahbiz” route as we travelled around some 30+ different countries during the past 20 years.

We’re often used to seeing a WAHBIZ was usually a small “mom and pop shop”. However from the success stories of:

–       Apple Computer

–       Ford Motor Company

–       Mary Kay Cosmetics

–       Hershey Chocolate

We see ALL these global international companies were once home based businesses. Wahbizthe home-based businesses, have NOW become a major economic force throughout the world. It is like a raging river which begins as a trickle, slowly becoming a stream and finally, growing into a roaring river.

Before you embark on any home based business, you need to start with the right mindset, using the same mind that controls your thoughts, your action, your world…ultimately YOUR SUCCESS! Mindset controls your attitude and action and the final results you desire.

Great Mindset Yields Great Success

Each day as we begin our wahbiz day, usually for less than 5 minutes, we spend a little time to check on our mindset. Once the mind is set right, we become more efficient in prioritizing our goals, organizing activities for the day, developing a much better mental attitude ahead, and then look forward to what’s ahead of us during the day. With this mindset, we then face the challenges ahead.

Whatever wahbiz ideas you wish to launch, we recommend the following 1-2-3 mindset formula for you.

Great Mindset
Business Mindset
Growth Mindset
Success Mindset


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