WAHBIZ is an acronym:

  • W – Work
  • A – At
  • H – Home
  • BIZ – Business

Many people would like to start a home business. They do not want to be stuck in a rut nor do they want to be controlled by their bosses.

We are NOT referring to a work-at-home JOB, being Just Over Broke. A WAHBIZ means a work at home biz, an acronym coined by the authors of this website, as opposed to have a work-at-home job.

Our Wahbiz formula is simple, applicable to both online and offline businesses. Like constructing any buildings, you would first lay a solid foundation by having the right business mindset. After you lay the groundwork, you are ready to build your Wahbiz by using our very simple OMG formula, not Oh My God, but:

O – Offer

M – Marketing

G – Growing

Your offer could be a product, a service, a club or a membership that you offer your clients. Don’t limit yourself with the idea that you have to create or make your own offers. Walmart does not manufacture all their products neither does Amazon.

Who is Wahbiz for?